Configuring “Meet With Me” Capability to Book Meetings and Share “Meet With Me” Assets

Learn how to configure the "Meet With Me" capability so potential business prospects can request meetings with you.

  1. Learn how to integrate with Calendly via your Network Connections so potential business prospects can request meetings with you. Go to section.
  2. In lieu of the Calendly integration, learn how to add a meeting link from another appointment scheduling application (e.g., Hubspot Meetings, Google Calendar, CalendarHero, etc.) to “Your Profile” so potential business prospects can request meetings with you. Go to section.
  3. Learn how the “Meet With Me” assets incorporate your Calendly integration or meeting link into the promotional content you share to your networks so potential business prospects can book time on your calendar. Go to section.
  4. Don’t have an appointment scheduling app? Learn what “Meet With Me” assets look like when you do not provide a meeting link. Go to section.

Learn how to integrate with Calendly

Step 1: Navigate to “Manage Networks” via the drop-down gear menu on your navigation bar.

Step 2: Scroll down to the “CRM Integrations and Analytics” section of the “Manage Networks” page. Click on the Calendly icon.

Step 3: Press “Connect to Calendly”.

Step 4: You will then be prompted to log in. Please log in with your Calendly credentials.

Step 5: From the drop-down menu, specify which event type (defined within Calendly) you would like to use for when your potential business prospects book a meeting on your calendar.

Step 6: Under “Lead Configuration”, choose the email list to which you would like your new Leads from the “Meet With Me” content to be assigned. 

NOTE: If you do not already have an email network defined for these leads, you can create a new email network in the “Manage Networks” area and return to this Calendly network to complete the connection. 

Step 7: Calendly allows the person booking a meeting to invite one or more additional guests to the meeting. You can choose if you would like the platform to also capture these guests as a Lead, or choose to skip this option and not include these other attendees as leads.

Step 8: Lastly, choose a name for your connection, and then be sure to click Save.

Learn how to add a meeting link to “Your Profile”

Step 1: Navigate to “My Profile” via the drop-down gear menu on your navigation bar.

Step 2: Scroll down to the section of “Your Profile” that says “Meet Me URL”.

Step 3: Input a meeting link from a platform such as Calendly or Hubspot Meetings that synchronizes with your everyday calendar. This will allow business prospects to book time with you based on free time published in your calendar.

NOTE: If you have a Calendly account, it is best to integrate it by establishing a Network Connection as described above. You can then leave this “Meet Me URL” section blank and the Calendly meeting link will be automatically used in your content.

Step 4: Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and press “Save Profile”.

NOTE: If you complete the Calendly integration, it will override the meeting link in your profile.

Sharing “Meet With Me” assets to your networks

“Meet With Me” assets appear automatically in your weekly campaign episodes for those streaming channels that use them. Depending on the episode, you may have assets to share to social media and/or send as an email.

Step 1: Click on “Share This” to manually share this content to your social media and blog platforms. Read this article to learn more about manually sharing an asset. Additionally, if you have auto-posting turned on, these assets will schedule to auto-post. To learn more about auto-posting, read these articles:

Automated Posting (Basics)

Customize Your Automated Posting

Click on “Email This” to share this asset via email. To learn more about email, view our articles about Sending Emails.

Step 2: Once your asset is posted to social media, it will include your selected Calendly event, or your “Meet With Me” link, where your potential business prospects can then schedule a meeting with you. The asset will appear like this:

Once your asset is sent to your contacts via email, it will appear like this:

Your prospects can then click on the provided link to open your selected “Meet With Me” appointment scheduling tool.

The scheduled meeting will be sent directly to your calendar.

“Meet With Me” assets when no appointment scheduling tool is provided

If you do not have a scheduling tool, you still have the option to post the “Meet With Me” assets. Please follow Step 1 of “Sharing Meet With Me assets to your networks” to learn how to post these assets to social media or send them via email.

Step 1: Once your asset is posted to social media or sent via email, in lieu of the Calendly integration or your “Meet With Me” link, there will be a Meeting Request form provided for your prospects to fill out so you can establish a time to meet. 

Step 2: Once the Meeting Request form has been filled out, you will receive an email with the information the prospect has provided so you can reach out to them via email or phone. This is an example of the email you will receive:

Note: The person who filled out the form will also receive confirmation that the form was submitted successfully. It will appear like this:

Step 3: The rest of the process can be completed at your discretion. Please use the information the prospect provided to schedule a time to meet with them.

Viewing Meeting Requests in Reports

When a prospect fills out the Meeting Request form or books a meeting through Calendly, you can see this information in the activity reports. Under the “Reports” menu, you will find your “Activity on Gated Content” report. The prospect information will display in this report as a Lead. Click on the “Show Leads” button to view who has filled out this form.

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