Manually Sharing Assets to Social Media

Use “Share This” assets to manually send out posts to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Step 1: Click into a channel on your left side dashboard, and then find the “Share This” asset that you would like to post. Click on “Share This”.


Step 2: Use our suggested messaging, or customize it and make it your own. We provide a short message for Twitter, and a longer message for Facebook and LinkedIn. If you would like to use our suggested messaging, copy and paste it from the gray box, into the white box above.

Tip: Add your own hashtags, and mentions. Mentions currently only transfer to LinkedIn, not Facebook. To learn more about adding mentions, please read Using Mentions on “Share This” assets for LinkedIn posts

Note: We provide you with the document, title, description, and thumbnail. These are also customizable.


Step 3: Use the checkboxes to pick which platforms you’d like to post the asset to.


Step 4: To post immediately, make sure the “Schedule Automatically” box is unchecked and the “Publish on” boxes are empty.

To schedule an item, pick the date and time you’d like it to go out by using the “Publish on” calendar and clock mechanisms.


Step 5: When you’re ready to publish the asset, click “Post” to publish immediately, or if you have the item scheduled with a date and time, click “Schedule”.

Step 6: You will be brought to a confirmation page. Please make sure all of the information looks correct, and then click “Confirm”.

Once confirmed, the asset will now be posted to your social media platforms.