Content FAQ

Learn more about the content offered in your selected content streams

What kind of content will I receive in my weekly episodes? 

Every Monday, you will receive a new episode of content for each of your selected channels featuring a huge variety of content. These include short videos, infographics, blog articles, play cards, Build Your List items, email templates, pitch decks, sales guides, and much more. 

If I don't share a piece of content, does it disappear?

Never! You will not lose access to unused content in your episodes and campaigns. You might find that an unshared piece of content from yesterday could be perfect for tomorrow. 

Once your campaign reaches its end, a brand new one will begin. You can access any past or archived campaigns under Past Campaigns in the left sidebar of your dashboard. 

This campaign isn't relevant to my goals. Can I skip an entire campaign? 

While certain channels feature a Campaign Selector that allows you to switch between campaigns, many channels do not. We appreciate your feedback and would love to hear what content types and topics you would like to see more of in the future. 

How can I use Download This content? 

While Download This and Pro-Tip content is mainly intended for educational use by partners, here are some other ways that partners have used these pitch decks, product guides, and more:

  • Adapt a pitch deck for a client presentation
  • Make a telesales guide the center of your next team-building meeting
  • Watch a webcast about a product update as part of your professional development

Can I create and share original content from my account? 

Yes! Please see Sharing your original content on social media.