What are pro-tips and downloads?

Aside from your weekly marketing content (in the form of Share This and Email This items), you have access to expertly-created resources from your favorite vendors.

These special, partner-facing resources come in two forms: Download This items and Pro-Tip weeks of content. 

Download This

Downloadable resources are found alongside your social media and email templates in your weekly episodes. While your social and email content is intended to nurture your leads and prospects throughout their buying journey, downloadable resources are meant to help you become a better marketer and salesperson!

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You will receive various resources, including pitch decks (presentations), how-to guides, playbooks, and conversation guides. Enhance your knowledge of the products you sell and learn about emerging offers from the vendors you work with. 

Pro-Tip Weeks

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Most content campaigns offer pro-tip weeks, which include special vendor resources related to the week's topic. Pro-tip weeks include interactive tools, videos and webinars, best practices, and product overviews. 

Use downloadable resources and pro-tips as a meeting focus, conversation starter with colleagues, or to brush up on your expertise during a coffee break!