Exclude Content from Automated Posting

The Exclude Content feature is an additional way to control what will be published by indicating the types of content you do not want to be published.

The automated posting system is a powerful and flexible way to maintain a steady flow of marketing content to your blog and social media. In our experience, accounts that regularly publish marketing materials have the best business results.

You also have a lot of control over the automated posting process. This includes tuning it so that you publish content from selected channels and to selected social networks, and the ability to adjust the posting schedule to make sure you are publishing at the times that are best for you.

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The Exclude Content feature is an additional way to control what will be published by indicating the types of content you do not want to be published.

How to Enable Automated Posting and Exclude Content

When you enable the automated posting feature, you can choose which content you would like to exclude. You may choose to exclude posting items contained in special announcements, sponsored content found in Thought Leadership and other generic content channels, or content from vendors you do not work with. This Exclude Content setting looks at how each content item in a channel is tagged to determine what to exclude. Note that these items will still appear in your dashboard and weekly digest for you to optionally review and publish manually. These excluded items will just not be posted automatically.

Step 1: Access the automated posting setting by clicking the orange button on the left side of your dashboard. If you already have automated posting enabled, this button will appear green.

Step 2: Toggle the automated posting button to the “On” position. The button will appear blue once it is enabled.

Step 3: Choose which content you would like to exclude from automated posting. Notice the first two boxes are for excluding announcements and sponsored content.

Announcements - An announcement is a special time-limited message and collection of assets that will appear at the top of your dashboard. Most announcements are related to a specific channel and are designed to promote a limited-time offer, a one-time event, etc. An announcement can be set to appear alongside other content that is available for you that week or it can “interrupt” the advancement through the content weeks and be the only new content to be published that week.

Sponsored Content - When a channel has content that is not specific to any vendor - like a Thought Leadership channel - it may occasionally contain a week of content or a specific asset that is sponsored by a particular vendor. We place sponsored content in the channels and campaigns where they have a natural fit, but if you do not want to receive this special content, you can use the Exclude Content setting to exclude Sponsored content.   


Screen Shot 2023-02-02 at 2.46.51 PM

Click to check the boxes next to the types of content you want to exclude from automated posting. 


Excluding Specific Vendors

Once you have decided whether to exclude announcements or sponsored content, you can then choose which vendors you would like to exclude from automated posting.  Take a look at the list of vendor names. Not all of these vendors will be actively publishing content through the channels you select, however, if there are vendors on this list that you know you would not like to include in your automated posting, click the box to filter them out.

Step 4: View the summary of your automatic post configurations.

Step 5: Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save”.

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