What is "Buy Signal" content and how do I use it?

Buy Signal content is a type of email or gated asset that indicates purchase intent.

Pay special attention to leads associated with Buy Signal content because they may be further along their sales journey and looking to make a purchase sooner than later.


The Content Signals – When developing a content marketing strategy that walks a prospect down the path from awareness to consideration to eventual purchase we see marketing documents falling into these general categories:  

  • Empathy – helping to discover a challenge that multiple organizations are dealing with - often accomplished through case studies. 
  • Reasoning – Why the challenge exists, and cost to a business for not solving the problem. Often a white paper or ebook falls into this category
  • Results – The business results achieved - the dollars saved or the efficiency gained. 
  • How – Explains how to implement the solution. This could include research on costs, making a plan, scheduling resources. (We also call this category the Buy Signal)

When Buy Signal content is “requested”, it indicates that the consumer is in the purchase consideration phase of the buying cycle. Buy Signals are associated with selected content where content activity can be traced back to a particular contact record. This includes content that is emailed to contacts, imported to one of your email networks, and Gated Content that collects new contact records as Leads (like "Build Your List" content).

How do I know what content is considered Buy Signal content?

You can identify Buy Signal content in your dashboard by looking for the orange banner associated with a certain asset. For example, here we see a Buy Signal associated with a video that you can share with your email and social media prospects:

What are Buy Signal Leads and how do I receive them?

Step 1: Post a Buy Signal asset to social media or share a Buy Signal asset via email. This can be done by manually sharing an asset, or using automated posting for your “Share This” assets. 

Step 2: View your Buy Signal leads in the Buy Signal Report under the “Reports” drop-down menu in your navigation bar. Click on “Activity on Buy Signal Content” to view this report:

Step 3: You can choose to filter this report by date, network, channel, or other criteria. Once you have filtered to your desired specifications, you can click “Run Report”. You can also choose to export this report to a .CSV file.

Step 4: View your Buy Signal report. This report shows you which content is getting clicks, so you can focus on providing your prospects content in which they have an interest. This report includes all Buy Signal assets including those posted to social media and those shared via email.

Step 5: For Buy Signal email campaigns, click on the blue “Show Leads” button to view who has shown interest in the Buy Signal content. These prospects indicate purchase intent. It is important to nurture these Leads as they are closer to the end stages of buying a product. Be sure to follow up with these Leads quickly and discreetly so that they retain their interest, but do not find your contact with them to be intrusive.

Step 6: For Buy Signal social media assets, you can view who has Reacted, Liked, Shared, or Commented on your post. These prospects also indicate purchase intent. It is important to connect with these Leads on social media by messaging them or interacting with their posts. You can then support them through all of the stages of buying the product they intend to purchase.

Click on “Reactions/Likes”.

A pop-up will appear detailing your social media activity. Click on “Details” to view who has Reacted to or Liked your post.

You can view each user's LinkedIn profile by clicking on the Personal Page or the Company Page who has reacted to your post.

Again, be sure to follow up with these Leads quickly and discreetly so that they retain their interest but do not find your connection with them to be intrusive.


Note: Buy Signal content is different from Gated (e.g., “Build Your List”) Content.  An item can be both Gated Content and Buy Signal content. In this case, new contact information is collected at the same time that purchase intent is being shown.


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