What is an Active Lead Report?

Provide regular sales intelligence to your sales team by configuring your Active Lead report to identify which contacts are qualified for follow-up

Marketing programs are most commonly geared to putting a high volume of prospects through the sales funnel. These efforts generally operate at a macro level, with metrics such as click and open rates measured in aggregate. The goal is to drive people to your website where they can fill out forms to request more information. However, generating sales leads can take time while your salespeople eagerly await your marketing results. With PartnerOn and Active Lead Reporting you can feed your sales team actionable intelligence about people as they interact with your emails so that they can follow up with additional timely information and close more sales opportunities. 

Leverage Content to Reveal Interest

An Active Lead Report™ pushes marketing metrics directly to the people in your organization who can make immediate use of the information. The Active Lead email is sent one day after your mailing and again three days and seven days after the time of the mailing. The report contains key measures such as the open and click rate, but more importantly, it contains a section revealing recipient interest based on the content being clicked.

The first step is to build your opt-in mailing list and send the emails that we have designed to incorporate high quality, relevant content. The content you select is created to fit an editorial calendar that covers the key topics and issues that concern your readers. Clicks to View any particular item can then be used to identify reader interest.

The Active Lead report identifies the people clicking on the items and links in your emails. The items are listed in order from most popular to least along with the name, email address and phone number (if supplied in your contact data) of each contact.

Partners have used Active Lead reports to inform their selling efforts. In particular, gleaning interest from clicks can help guide the conversation during a sales call. Without directly mentioning the report, a salesperson can use this information to guide the sales discussion and move the prospect more quickly from interest to purchase.

The Anatomy of an Active Lead Report™

The Active Lead report email is structured to highlight the performance of each email campaign, and then it identifies the contacts who are qualified for follow-up.


How to enable your Active Lead report

On the side bar under your channel selections, look for the Configure Active Lead Report button. Click this button to open the Active Lead Report options.

Screenshot 2023-04-02 at 8.26.52 PMEnable the Active Lead Report

Change the Status to Enabled to turn on this automatic reporting.

Set the Report Schedule

Select the Report Schedule which determines the intervals at which the report will be sent after each email campaign. The report can be sent up to three times, with the each report possibly capturing more data over time.

Enter the Report Recipients

Enter the email addresses of the people in your organization who should receive these reports. If you have more than one person, separate the email addresses with a comma.

Click Save to complete your changes.