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What are email bots and how do they affect email statistics?

Understanding email activity can be crucial to the success of your email marketing campaigns. However, not all email activity is created equal. That's where our bot filtering comes in and why our data may look different.

Bot filtering is a process that removes suspected bot activity from your email data. Bots are any machines that take an action instead of a human, such as privacy filters or corporate screeners. By removing bot activity from your data, you get a more accurate view of human interaction with your emails.

We use in-house algorithms and IP filtering to determine whether email activity was triggered by a human or a bot. While it's not always possible to identify all non-human traffic, our filtering is quite accurate, ensuring that you get the most reliable data possible.

With bot filtering, our open/click measurements on email campaigns will aim to only include events triggered by humans. This allows you to measure the success of your campaigns with greater confidence, as you're focusing on the metrics that really matter.

It's important to note that not all email service providers filter bots. So, when comparing your email activity to other software, you may notice a difference. However, by choosing our platform, you can rest assured that you're getting the most accurate data possible.

In summary, understanding email activity is crucial to the success of your email marketing campaigns. With our built-in bot filtering capabilities, you can focus on the metrics that really matter, and make informed decisions about your email marketing strategy.