What is the weekly digest?

Check your inbox on Mondays to see your newest content, program announcements, new features, and events. Plus, what to do if you're not receiving your digest.

One of the most important characteristics of a successful content marketing strategy is consistency. To help you develop positive content marketing habits, and to make accessing your weekly content even easier, your weekly digest is sent straight to your inbox every Monday. 

To ensure that you receive your digest, make sure to add partneron@contentmx.com to your email address book.

What's in my digest?

At the top of your weekly digest, you will see your channel selection and announcements from your vendor partners and from the PartnerOn team. We often announce special events. new content streams, and helpful platform features. Keep an eye out for new editorials, videos, and articles from PartnerOn Journal and the Knowledge Base. 

Weekly digest

The second half of your weekly digest features all of your newest content for the week, including assets for social media, email, and blogs. If you are logged into your account on your browser, you can share content right from the digest by clicking on Share This or Email This. You will be redirected to the Create/Edit Your Message screen to make any desired changes to your messaging before posting. 

Take advantage of your educational printables and pro-tip content, as well! Click directly on the item's thumbnail to download. 

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What can I do if I'm not getting my digest?


First, log in and make sure that you're opted in to receive emails from us. To do this, go to your settings tab > Manage Users. 

Click on your username. 


Then, make sure that the box labeled "Opted-In" is checked. Click Save at the bottom of the page.


Make sure that you have added partneron@contentmx.com and support@contentmx.com to your email address book. This ensures that you receive email communications from us about your account. Please check to see if the digest landed in your 


Still not receiving your weekly digest? We're sorry! Send us an email at support@contentmx.com and we will investigate the issue for you.