View Your Social Marketing Qualified Leads (Social MQLs)

Learn how to see who has reacted to your posts on LinkedIn by navigating to your “Activity by Posted Item” or “Social Reactions” report.

From the "Activity by Posted Item" or "Social Reactions" reports, click on the impressions, clicks, or reactions/likes statistics to expand the data and open a pop-up showing the breakdown of activity by social network. Then, if you have Reactions/Likes from a LinkedIn network, click the  “Details” button to view the list of people who reacted to this content. From this view, you can click on the person or company to go directly to their profile page on LinkedIn where you can find out more details about who they are and reach out to them.

What are reactions?

Reactions are part of your social engagement activity. Reactions include Likes, Loves, Applause, and other ways in which people react to a posting they see in their social feed. When an audience member responds to your posts, they are acknowledging your social media presence and are interested in your posted content. Reactions are an important indicator of customers and prospects that are engaging with you and what interests them. We call this a Social MQL (Social Marketing Qualified Lead). Social MQLs are people you could be doing business with in the future or are existing customers who are following you with interest.

How to view your social reactions:

Step 1: Navigate to “Reports” and then to the “Activity by Posted Item” or “Social Reactions” report. 

Activity By Posted Item: This report lists each item that has been posted on social media in chronological order, from newest to oldest, regardless of the number of reactions. This is also known as the Activity by Posting report.

Social Reactions: This report lists each item that has been posted on social media by how many reactions it has from most to least. The posts with the most reactions remain at the top of the report, and the posts with the least reactions will remain at the bottom. This is also known as the Social MQLs Report

Note: To find your Social MQLs, it would be best to navigate to your “Social Reactions” report, also known as your Social MQLs Report. This report will help you narrow down exactly which posts have reactions. Please take note of the green text box highlighted in this report. This text will inform you on how to find user details when they have liked or reacted to your post.


Step 2: Navigate to the post in which you would like to view the user details. Take note of the channel, campaign, and episode. 

Step 3: Click on the number of “Reactions/Likes”. In the case above, you would click on the number “3”. This will open a pop-up box showing the social media networks you have posted to, how many reactions you have received, and the Details button (currently only supported with LinkedIn). 

Step 4: Click on the “Details” button to view who has liked or reacted to your LinkedIn posts. If the user has provided all of the relevant information to LinkedIn, you will be able to view their name (company or person), job title, location, website URL, and reaction type. Job title is available if the reaction is from a Personal LinkedIn page. Location and website URL are available if the reaction is from a Company LinkedIn page.

Step 5: You can view each user's LinkedIn profile by clicking on the Personal Page or the Company Page who has reacted to your post. 

For company pages, you can view their website URL by clicking the “URL” icon next to the company name.

Step 6: By clicking on the user's LinkedIn profile or website, you will be able to find their contact information. After liking or reacting to your post, this person or company has now become your Social Marketing Qualified Lead. Be sure to follow up with Social Marketing Qualified Leads quickly and discreetly so that they retain their interest but do not find your contact with them to be intrusive.


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