Whitelist the IP addresses for our application servers (for WordPress)

In some cases, firewalls will limit administrative requests made to WordPress to a specific set of IP addresses. If this is the case, you may see an error with the words “403 Forbidden” appear when you try to validate your WordPress connection. To get around this restriction, contact your web hosting provider (this could be your internal IT team or a 3rd party web hosting company), and tell them you need to provide access to the xmlrpc.php file located in the WordPress directory of your server to ContentMX. They may then ask for further information, which might include the IP addresses of our servers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The IP addresses for our servers may change. Please be sure to check back to this page to find any updates to the IP addresses in use from time to time.

Currently, requests from our application servers will come from one of the following two IP addresses: