Why is my social media post using a different thumbnail than the one I selected?

Learn why your post is appearing differently than expected, and one method to avoid this issue

Sometimes when you post a Link to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, the thumbnail and description displayed on these sites is different from the one you specified while preparing your post. This happens because these social media sites are working to combat misleading links and “fake” news. The social media sites look at the web link you are providing, and actually go to that page to retrieve the thumbnail and description. In this case, the thumbnail and description are pre-determined and are not in our control.

Our platform tries to show you what thumbnails are available and the most likely thumbnail and description that will be used. What will actually be published will be determined by the destination.

How to ensure that your selected thumbnail is posted

In situations where your selected thumbnail must be included in your post, use the custom messaging feature to create a Picture post. 

Upload your picture:


Create your messaging, and include your desired URL at the end. Your picture will be shared to the social media site along with the description and link, and will remain intact when displayed on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.