How can I delete content that I've previously shared?

Quickly and easily delete content that you've posted to social media and your blog or website

You can access all content that you have previously shared or sent in Content > Posted Content.

For each entry under posted items, you can see an icon for the content type (in this case, a link), a headline, date published, and the networks to which it was published. 


To the right of the entry, you will see three options: Copy and Re-Post, View, and Delete. 

The Copy and Re-Post option allows you to create an additional version of the post that you can edit and share to additional networks. 

Clicking View will allow you to review the item as it was posted.

To delete a post, click on the "x" icon. 


This box will pop up. Select the networks from which you would like to remove the post. 

If you would like also like to delete the post from your list under Posted Items, select Delete message from ContentMX in addition to your selected networks. Click Apply.