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Why is email sent to myself or to others in my company not being received?

It is not uncommon for email you send to yourself from ContentMX to be blocked by email filters. This happens when you are sending an email FROM your company domain TO email addresses within that same domain. Many email protection systems see this as an attempt to spoof your email (pretending to be you) and will block the email. Often times this is not detectable through the Email Activity report, the email is simply accepted by your mail server but never delivered to the inbox.

You can confirm this situation is causing your delivery problem by temporarily changing the FROM address you are using when sending the email through ContentMX. The simple way to do this is to click the “Change Sender Information…” link when you are preparing to send your email. Select the “Use alternate based on a selected user” option and choose ‘noreply@contentmx.com’ as the user. With this setting, your message will be sent from a ContentMX email address and not your own.  Next, click to send a test message to your email address. If the email is received, you have confirmed that your email filter is the culprit and you will need to ask your IT person to make a quick change to allow your emails through.

It is important to note that this situation is specific to your company and it does not mean other people outside your organization are also having this problem.